We have filmed everything from parties to weddings to sporting events.  No job is too small. 

Video Editing
We can take raw footage in just about any format and clean it up, organize the clips, create special effects, add transitions, credits, you name it, we can do it.

DVD Production
We can create professionally looking DVD's for just about any type of content.

VHS transfer to DVD
Now that VCR's have become yesterday's technology, many people are transferring their precious VHS tapes over to DVD for safekeeping.  We can transfer your VHS tape to a DVD. We can also edit to remove any unneeded segments (or commercials). Keep in mind that all those home movies you have on VHS are deteriorating over time. Preserve them digitally so they last forever!

Image Scanning
We can take still photographs or even 35mm film and convert to high quality digital images. From there, we can put them onto a DVD with transitions and a music background. We can also make a slide show for the internet. Or if you simply want the scanned files, we can put them on a CD for your own use.

Image Editing
We can "clean up" old images, remove items from the picture, add items to the picture- the limit is your imagination.

Audio Editing
We can take sound clips from videos and splice them into an existing song- much like the Jerry Maguire remix.