Video Editing
Video Editing is where my passion lies.  I enjoy both shooting video and the editing.  I do all my editing using Sony Vegas- the premiere editing application solely for PC's.   

This was a video that I did along with a couple others from Accenture for the "Work Smart.  Enjoy Life." initiative.  It won first place for NY/NJ and first place for most motivational in North America.
HIGH-RES (11.3 MB)

Lenape Valley Football 2005 (Intro Scene)
I shot and edited all the footage for this retrospective.  The full video is ~55 minutes.  This is just the opening.
LOW-RES (5.2 MB)
MID-RES (13.9 MB)
HIGH-RES (30.6 MB)
John & Wendy's Wedding (Highlights Montage)
I produced a full DVD of John and Wendy's wedding and created this highlights montage splicing in video clips and stills.
LOW-RES (7.0 MB)
MID-RES (19.3 MB)
HIGH-RES (40.7 MB)
Lenape Valley Football 2004 (Trailer)
This was my first foray with football as the subject.  I created this as a teaser for the full video which followed.
LOW-RES (2.7 MB)
MID-RES (6.7 MB)
HIGH-RES (14.7 MB)

Coach John Bauer - Misc. Clips
No editing for this, but instead captured this video of the legendary high school football coach from old VHS tapes.  Includes a variety of clips.
LOW-RES (10.3 MB)
MID-RES (27.2 MB)
HIGH-RES (60.0 MB)

Montclair-Randolph 10 Year Retrospective
No editing, but just VHS capture of this retrospective highlighting the greatest high school football game in New Jersey history.
LOW-RES (3.5 MB)
MID-RES (9.1 MB)
HIGH-RES (20.1 MB)

While the majority of the work I do is around video, I still enjoy dabbling in all things technical.  One area is Flash.  Flash allows for a very small file size with very crisp resolution.  It's a great way to put up a slide show on a website to share with others.  Here are a couple sample Flash projects I've done.
This is the intro I did for Bruce Hill Pet Sitting.  It's basic yet we've received so many compliments about it and it's something that continues to draw traffic to the site.


Mike Fest 2000
This was my first attempt at creating something using Flash.  I took a handful of pictures from a weekend my friends and I spent in Philly and put it to music.